Get Casual Screen Printing is a printing service based near Stroud in the UK. Hayley Walters, the founder, has over fifteen years experience in hand silk-screening including running her own successful fashion label.

Get Casual Printing was founded in 1998 by textile designer and screen printer Hayley Walters. Get Casual Printing relocated to Stroud, Gloucestershire in 2008 having previously been housed in Bethnal Green at the legendary Mangle print works, home to fellow artist/printers Rob Ryan and Dan Holiday.

Hayley started her own clothing label, Get Casual, in 2000 which soon gained a reputation as one of the most exciting print and pattern independent labels in London. The label enjoyed five years of success selling in the UK and Japan before Hayley decided to archive the label and concentrate solely on providing a print service for other designers.

Having run her own clothing label Hayley has an intimate knowledge of the fashion business and it was not long before Hayley was printing for other labels such as Giles Deacon, Emma Cook, Peter Jesen and House of Jazz. She has also been commissioned to design and print for labels such as Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Howies.

Hayley also often collaborates with her partner Marcus Walters, a prominent illustrator and designer. Aside from printing paper editions of his artwork and illustrations she is instrumental in producing experimental textile patterns fusing elements of Marcus’s work to create new designs.

Get Casual Printing has a wide client base from producing merchandising for record labels, sampling and production for fashion labels to one off runs for advertising agencies. She also frequently produces artwork for artists and illustrators such as Ryan Gander and Petra Borner.

Please get in touch via email if you would like any further information about Get Casual or Hayley.